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Connection Test

THIS PANEL has a FLASH-based Gadget in it.  You may need to ALLOW it to run (Chrome: Right-Click---ALLOW), etc.  Or some browsers may not know what to do with an embedded SWF file.  If that is the case, click the link below the box to go to the test directly on ASU's Adobe Connect server. 

If the Flash-base test is not appearing in the box above, to run this test from the page directly on the server, click here:

Connection Test to ASU's Adobe Connect 

This diagnostic test will confirm that your computer has access to ASU's Adobe Connect server.  

We currently recommend FIREFOX as a preferred browser.   

Connection Test Performance
With recent updates to ASU's Adobe Connect system and the Chrome browser, it may be that the Connection Test reports SLOW PERFORMANCE when run in Chrome.  Note that it seems to be only the TEST with slow performance, not actual access to Adobe Connect rooms.  If you copy the URL into the address bar of a non-Chrome browser, you should get actual results, and the opportunity to install the Adobe Connect Add-In.  Alternatively, you can enter the Practice Room at, and download and install the Add-In from the HELP menu in the upper right-hand corner of the Adobe Connect room. (If your system already has the Adobe Connect Add-In, the link does not appear.)  
If the test fails with an "UNABLE TO CONNECT" error, please see for information on possible corporate or school firewall issues.
(See for more information about Chrome and ASU's Adobe Connect.)

Once the test is complete, if you want more support, click the "DETAILS" button to see the detailed results of the test, copy the results, and submit them at the form at


To run this test from the page directly on the server, click here:

Meeting Connection Diagnostic

This diagnostic test will ensure your computer and network connections are properly configured to provide you with the best possible Adobe Connect meeting experience. The diagnostic test checks for the following:

  1. Clear connection to Adobe Connect
  2. Bandwidth availability
  3. Latest Adobe Connect Add-in

If all tests pass successfully, you are ready to log in to your meeting. However, if you continue to experience problems, please refer to below troubleshooting tips.

Additional Information
If this is your first Adobe Connect meeting, you might want to take a few minutes to learn more.

  • Visit for a wealth of documentation and user community information.

Adobe Connect Meeting Troubleshooting Tips

Meeting login issues

Problems running a meeting

Content issues

Broadcasting camera and voice

I need more help

Meeting login issues

NOTE: If you are having trouble accessing a meeting, event or seminar, please contact the event organizer for assistance. For security and privacy reasons Adobe is unable to assist customers in gaining access to private meetings, events or seminars. Only the meeting organizer or administrator of the web conferencing account can register users or grant access to Adobe Connect meetings.

Quick things to check first. Check the following simple items to help resolve meeting access issues.

  • Are you connected to the Internet?
  • Disable popup blocker software.
  • Clear the browser's cache.
  • Try connecting from another computer.
  • Are you accessing the correct URL?
  • Have you registered for the event or seminar?
  • Try accessing the meeting as a registered user or guest.
  • Did you change your password recently?

I forgot my password. Click the "Forgot your password" link on the login page to reset your password. Note that passwords are case sensitive.

I don't have a password to get into a meeting. Contact your company's Adobe Connect administrator to request a user ID or password. Guest logins are also an option for meetings, but must be approved by the meeting host. With private meetings the host/moderator must approve guest login requests, which may take a few minutes.

In case you are requested to enter a room passcode, it implies that the meeting organizer has enabled password protection on the meeting room. Please check with the meeting organizer for the meeting room passcode to access the meeting.

For meeting events or seminars contact the meeting organizer to register or receive a login account. Events or seminars that require self-registration use a separate link to register people at the time of an event. Again, check with the meeting organizer for the self-registration link if you do not have it.

My password does not work. Try using the "Forgot your password" link to set a new password. If this doesn't work, contact your account administrator to verify access for the account. If many people are experiencing trouble logging in to a meeting please contact Adobe Connect Support for assistance.

I have logged in and nothing is happening. When you log in as a guest you need approval. An approval message will be presented to the host. If the request is declined, entrance to the meeting is not possible and a message stating that the request was declined is displayed. Contact the meeting presenter or organizer if you should have access.

My company uses a proxy server to control internet access. Being behind a proxy server may affect your ability to access Adobe Connect. Try the following:

  1. Within Internet Explorer select Tools > Internet Options > Advanced tab.
  2. Enable the setting Use HTTP 1.1 through proxy connections and click OK.
  3. Close all browser windows and re-open before trying to connect to meeting again

Problems running a meeting

I'm supposed to be a presenter but I logged in as a participant. If logging in as a guest, exit the meeting and log in as a registered user. If you are designated as a presenter for the meeting you must log in with your Adobe Connect account to receive the proper permissions. If after logging in as a registered user you still do not have presenter permissions, contact the meeting organizer or Adobe Connect account administrator.

Participants are not seeing my actions. Check the attendee list to make sure that you are a presenter. Also, make sure you're not in Preparing mode, since actions are not visible to participants in this mode. Send a message to the host asking for presenter status or try logging in as a registered user.

One thing to be aware of is participant requests may not be seen by the presenter. Hosts and presenters should pay attention to the status and menu bars and choose to accept sign-on requests. Another possible scenario is that a meeting has been placed on hold; if this is the case, participants will be shut out of the meeting until it's started again.

I can not share my screen. You must download the Adobe Connect Add-in to have this ability. Be sure to click "Install" when prompted to download the Adobe Connect Add-in.

Another thing to be aware of when sharing an application, rather than the entire screen, is that the shared application must be visible on your screen at all times. If a non-shared application is opened and covering the shared application on the sharing presenter's screen, meeting attendees will not see portions of the shared application covered by the non-shared application but will instead see a blue-checkered pattern.

Content issues

Content is not appearing in the meeting. You may not have uploaded the content into the meeting room. Click the arrow besides "Share my screen" button to open more sharing options. Select “Share document and either go to one of the content library folders diplayed on the left or click "Browse My Computer". Browse to the file that you would like to display in the room, select the file and click Enter.

Unable to show content such as Word documents and Excel spreadsheets, or web pages. Ensure that you are a host or presenter and have the Adobe Connect Add-in installed. Presenters must share their screen in order to show this type of content.

To share web pages use the Web Links pod, which will allow all participants to launch the web page in a separate browser window.

Unable to upload content or use the screen sharing feature in Internet Explorer. Make sure that you have a supported version of Microsoft Internet Explorer installed. To check the latest requirements, please visit the Adobe Connect System Requirements site. If it is not possible to update to a supported version of Internet Explorer, and you have an older version such as Internet Explorer 5, make sure the browser certification is current. Check the Windows Update site, for Root Certification Update under the operating system section.

Broadcasting Webcam and voice

My image will not show up when I choose "Start My Webcam". Ensure that your camera is plugged in and recognized by the computer before entering the meeting. If not, camera drivers might need to be updated or installed. Also be sure to grant access permission to Flash Player for the camera and microphone in the dialog box that appears when starting the broadcast.

Participants cannot access their camera. Promote selected participants to presenter or grant participants access to the video by selecting “enable video” for the selected participants using attendee options in the attendee pod. Also have participants check their camera connection and update drivers.

Participants cannot hear audio. Be sure the microphone level on the presenter's PC is not muted and is set at an adequate volume level. Use the Advanced Volume Control settings in the Flash Player control panel to adjust settings. We recommend that all first-time users run the Audio Setup Wizard under the Meeting menu, located on the upper-left corner of the Adobe Connect meeting interface. To avoid distraction presenters will not be able to hear themselves speaking in a meeting.

I need more help

If none of the suggestions above resolve your Adobe Connect meeting issue, you can access the Adobe Connect Support Center for Help documentation and TechNotes for common issues. You can also submit a Support Web Case from there.




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