Chrome 43.xxxx Was NOT Compatible without Add-In

Note that this situation was resolved as of 8/14/15.  You should not encounter this issue again.
This page is maintained for informational, archival purposes only.

Google Chrome 43.xxxx (released 5/19/15) is NOT connecting reliably with Adobe Connect 9.3 (at least our on-premise system here at ASU). Users without the Adobe Connect Add-In installed may get stalled or stuck on the "Connecting..." screen.
Suggested work-arounds:
  1. Use a different browser to connect to the room.   Firefox (WIN & Mac OS), Internet Explorer (WIN),or Safari (Mac OS) should connect, even without the Add-In.
  2. Use a different browser to run the connection test.  If it passes the connection test, it should get to the point to Install the Add-In.  Then it should be possible to connect to the room, even in Google Chrome.
  3. To FORCE the installation of the Add-In, add the text "?lightning=true" to the end of the room URL, either in the browser address bar (even Chrome), or in the link to click, provided to users.
    Note that the "?lightning=true" switch is different from the "?launcher=true" or "?launcher=false" switches, which force the system to USE the Add-In (true) or not (false), when it is already installed. 
  4. If you have a way to downgrade back to Google Chrome 42.xxxx, try that, or select another browser as the default browser until there is an updated Google Chrome confirmed as working with Adobe Connect.
For your convenience, this is a link to the Connection Test on the ASU server: 
It will open in your DEFAULT BROWSER.  You can COPY and PASTE this link into another browser, if desired.

NOTE that this is a DIFFERENT ISSUE from the one about incompatible Flash versions in Google Chrome v. 22 through 39, described here: 
If this does not resolve the FMS Error problem, and you are using a corporate or school network that might have tight firewall settings, please see THIS PAGE for other suggestions.