Do whatever you want on it...

I'm adding a few things to the playground just to see how it works. The presentation was a PPT I uploaded. Feel free to play with it and edit things if you want to. It's just an example. I also wanted to upload a draft survey I created for a friend to show her how easy it was to create a survey and monitor the results. I wanted to see how it worked to upload it to a Google site. You can edit anything just to play around. I also wanted to try uploading a Google calendar to the website to see how that works. This is the Google calendar for the Intel Lab. It appears that any document that is created on Google is very easy to upload. YouTube and Google videos are also easy to upload. Other things are not so easy... Feel free to try any of your own documents on this page too. :-) It's a playground. :-)

Web 2.0 Promises and Potential

Google Spreadsheet

Google Spreadsheet Form

Google Calendar-Intel Lab CLCC206