Assignments & Info

Thank you to all the parents and other volunteers who made our week in Yosemite an wonderful experience. 

LANGUAGE ARTS w/ Mrs. Galvez

Late work will be accepted up to one week for half credit 

February 17th reading logs are due to your homeroom teacher.

AR test due February 16th  take a AR test at this website with your login and password in your photos (

HW:1 .none
CW:Finish Mammoth shakes story work on questions from page 154-155
HW: 1Finish questions in the book from page 154-1552. Study for spelling test 13
CW:. Go over answers to mammoth Lakes story
pages 154-155
HW:.1. study for Mammoth Shakes reading test (reread story and study vocabulary at reading resources be able to explain geomythology and give two clues from nature that warned the tsunami was coming)
CW: Mammoth Shakes reading test
HW: 1.archaelogy 2.1

CW: 1. STAR test 2. Take spelling test 13 and pretest. story
HW: none

SCIENCE w/ Mr. Coelho

Monday 2/20
CW:  Presidents' Day-No School
HW: None

Tuesday 2/21

CW: 3.3 Analyzing Variation & Reproduction
HW:  None

Wednesday 2/22

CW: 3.4 Critical Juncture Assessment

HW: None

Thursday 2/23  
CW: 3.5 Revisiting Key Concepts

HW: Share Showbie

Friday 2/24
CW: 3.6 Reproduction in Darwin's Bark Spiders
HW: None


Late work will  be accepted at the discretion of the teacher if it is later than a week past the due date. 

As always, any work not completed during class, is homework.

For Students:
For Parents:

Monday 2/20

CW:  President's Day (Holiday)



Tuesday 2/21

CW: T2 #25

HW: Finish T2 #25

Wednesday 2/22

CW: T2 #26 Coordinate Plane

HW: Finish T2 #26

Thursday 2/23

CW: T2 #27 Graphing

HW: Finish pgs. 402, 403, 406

Friday    2/24
CW:  Finish T2 #27 Graphing

HW: Basketball Vs. Kings Christian @ Akers

SOCIAL STUDIES w/ Mr. Barnhart
Monday 2/20
CW: None - Holiday
HW: None - Holiday

Tuesday  2/21
CW: Lesson 17: complete Reading Challenge


HW: Study for Lesson 17 Test & Complete Billboard   


Wednesday 2/22
CW: Lesson 17 Test; activity with Billboards 

HW: None

Thursday 2/23
CW: Lesson 19: Geography of Ancient China

HW: Complete Setting the Stage in Lesson 19

Friday 2/24
CW: Lesson 19: Sections 1&2

HW: None
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