Assignments & Info

Thank you to all the parents and other volunteers who made our week in Yosemite an wonderful experience. 

LANGUAGE ARTS w/ Mrs. Galvez

Late work will be accepted up to one week for half credit 

February 17th reading logs are due to your homeroom teacher.

AR test due February 16th  take a AR test at this website with your login and password in your photos (

CW:work onMain idea packet (due tomorrow)
HW:1 .finish main idea packet
HW: on reading log and AR book
CW: Read in collections book or go to
pages 139-143
HW: finish reading pages
2. reading log due Thursday to homeroom teacher
CW: Read pages 144-147 in collections or go to m,
HW: 1.finish pages 144-1472. Reading log due today.3 AR test completed by Friday as well as reading log

CW: 1. Read pages 148-152 in or in collections book
HW: none

SCIENCE w/ Mr. Coelho

Monday 2/13
CW:  Gathering Evidence About Genes.  Build Protein Physical Model
HW: None

Tuesday 2/14

CW: Investigating Gene Copies
HW:  None

Wednesday 2/15

CW: Applying Ideas About Genes

HW: None

Thursday 2/16  
CW: Article Annotations from "Why Are Identical Twins Rare?" 

HW: Share Showbie

Friday 2/17
CW: Gathering Evidence About Inheritance
HW: None


Late work will  be accepted at the discretion of the teacher if it is later than a week past the due date. 

As always, any work not completed during class, is homework.

For Students:
For Parents:

Monday 2/13

CW:  T2 #22 Homework Practice/Problem Solving

CW:  Quiz Corrections (Due tomorrow)

HW: All of the Above

Tuesday 2/14

CW: Inquiry Lab: Integers

HW: Inquiry Lab: Integers

Wednesday 2/15

CW: T2 #23 Terminating & Repeating Decimals


A, B, C Basketball Vs. Central @ Central

Thursday 2/16

CW: T2 #24 Decimals Continued


Friday    2/17
CW:  Finish T2 #23/ T2 #24

HW: C Basketball Vs. MIQ @ Base Gym

B Girls @ Base Gym

A Basketball @ Akers Gym

SOCIAL STUDIES w/ Mr. Barnhart
Monday 2/13
CW: Chapter 17 Intro
HW: None

Tuesday  2/7
CW: Lesson 17: Sections 2&3

HW: Lesson 17 Complete Sections 2&3

Wednesday 2/8
CW: Lesson 17: Section 4 and Instructions for activity. 

HW: None

Thursday 2/9
CW: Lesson 17: Edict Activity

HW: None

Friday 2/10
CW: Reading Challenge 17

HW: None
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