The "OctaDome"

Constructing an unsual observatory  of original design. (c) 2006-2009

The "Mathers OctaDome" came about because of the need to enclose the Anssen Technologies Alhena GEM mount with its various telescopes. 

Drive system is the German made FS2 GoTo with stepper encoding. Also fitted are high resolution shaft encoders to allow use of an Argo Navis computer-for push to quick sky hopping.

Takahashi Astrograph Epsilon 180ED f/2.8. 

Takahashi Mewlon 210 Dall-Kirkham F/11.5.  with a Mathers modified Moonlite Crayford electronic focuser.

Two William Optics refractors,

Megrez  90 APO and ZS66 Petzval. 

Guide camera:QHY Autoguide.

The "Mathers OctaDome" is an original Shevill Mathers design, the aim being to have access to either the whole sky for fisheye wide field photography, also narrow field with the various telescopes.

In operation, the petals can be opened individually as required to limit effects of wind and provide observer comfort. In normal use three petals are normally open. For solar work it is restricted to the minimum number.

To observe to the horizon, the centre section of the pier can be raised another 450mm from base position. This is achieved via an electric car jack located at the base of the main pier.

A lot of finishing work still to complete-inside lining, power points, Internet & phone connections etc.



Inside the " Mathers OctaDome" with its first setup to check balance, also the raise & lower system.


Southern Cross Observatory