A bit about me...

                    Who am I?

My full name has always been Thais Mothé Diniz, or just Mothe-Diniz for
I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. I graduated in Mathematics at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) on 1994, and then I got my MsC (1998) and PhD (2001) in Astronomy at the National Observatory (ON), in Rio. During my PhD, I worked at the Turin Observatory, Italy, for a year. Latter, I spent two years at the Paris Observatory (France, of course), and some other years at ON (back to Brazil) as Post-doc. Currently, I am an Associate Professor of the Astronomy Course at UFRJ, working at the campus of the Valongo Observatory. I teach at the Graduate and Post-Graduate courses things like Celestial Mechanics, Planetaty Systems, Physics of Small Bodies, etc.

Do I have other interests?

Sure! For instance: family life, cooking, hiking, meeting people (not so often), and even surfing the web and loosing there my precious time (damn, this modern life is so impersonal)!

What's my research about?

Im my MSc, I worked with simulations of the capture of planetesimals into resonances, in the late stages of the solar system formation.
Since my PhD, I put dynamics aside, and became an "spectroscopyst". I study the surface properties of small bodies of the Solar System. Most of my research has been focused on the attempt of deciphering the surface mineralogy of asteroids, through the analysis of single asteroids, or large spectroscopic databases, and asteroid families. Most of the time I use spectroscopy in the visible and/or the near-infrared. I have observed in many telescopes, using a variety of instruments. I have been to these telescopes/observatories: ESO La Silla, Gemini South at Cerro Tololo, Pico dos Dias in Brazópolis/Brazil. I have also "remotely" been at IRTF/Hawai :-/
If you are really interested in my scientific career, you can see a not-so-up-to-date version of my CV in the attachment at the bottom of this page, or just look for me in ADS.

Where to find me?

UFRJ - Observatório do Valongo
Ladeira Pedro Antônio, 43 CEP 20080-090
Rio de Janeiro - RJ - Brasil
Phone: +55 (21) 2263-0685 - ext.: 231
Fax: (21)2203-1076
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e-mail: thais . mothe (at) astro . ufrj .br
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