The Details

Development happens.  It is a truth of our time.  Sometimes we try to "mitigate," or make up for, the harm done by developing natural habitats into human ones.  In 1989 a wetland was created east of the Astoria-Warrenton Regional Airport to mitigate for wetland-altering construction projects on Port of Astoria property. This is now known as the Astoria Airport Mitigation Bank Wetland, or the AMB.
Students in the Astoria High School Integrated and Honors Science classes have been following the changes taking place in this wetland for the past 15 years.  On May 17-18, 2012, students of the Integrated and Honors Integrated Science classes of AHS visited the site for the annual pilgrimage.  There they joined forces with volunteer scientist mentors to collect data in 9 different protocols.
On the left, please click on the the links to the kids' story of what they found at the AMB this year.

The Site

1989-- Site was converted into a mitigation bank wetland by breaching the east dike and building a new one where the dirt road now runs left of center. 
1989--1994 - Ecological change was monitored by the Division of State Lands and Oregon State University. 
1994--1998 - No monitoring occurred
1998--present - AHS 9th grade science students begin monitoring various ecological variables for change.