Lesson Four - Google Drive and Docs

Before going forward with lesson four, if you haven't already done so, you should build your Google Classroom and have your students enrolled.  Here are directions on how to set it up.

Introduction to Google Drive and Docs

Google Drive and Docs

As an introduction to Google Drive and Docs, show this video.  (35 minutes)

Teachers: For the second part of this assignment, the students are going to practice formatting a document using different Docs tools.  There are two documents below, the unformatted Solar System and the finished one.  You are going to want to open up each one and make a copy them.  Then from your Google Classroom, assign the unformatted document to each student to work on.  The finished one should be projected on the screen so the students can see how they are supposed to format their copy of the unformatted one.

For the pictures of each of the planets, they are going to want to insert the pictures by clicking on the Insert heading, choose Image, choose Search.  Then they can search for the name of the planet they want to insert.

When they finish the assignment, they should submit it through your Google Classroom.