Lesson Five - Google Slides

This exercise expands what the students did with the planets assignment.  Using the information from their planet document, they are going to create a slideshow on the planets.  You might want to have the students work in pairs and reinforce the sharing options in Google by having two students work on the same slideshow.

Here is a short video to show them the basics of Google Slides.

Google Slides

After showing the video, if you want them to work in pairs, assign a partner.  Only one of the partners should create a new slideshow.  That student then shares it with the other one.  The one that it is shared with will find the link in their Google Drive under the "Shared with me" link on the left side of the screen.

To organize their slideshow, they will need to decide who is going to do which slide or planet.  They both can't work on the same slide at the same time, so one of them might want to create a new slide for each planet and then they can decide who is doing each planet.

Be sure to have them go easy on transitions.  Sixth graders like to include a lot of special effects, wild colors and fancy fonts.  They should decide on just a couple fonts and colors for the entire show so it has a theme color and harmony throughout the whole presentation.

Using the information from their planets document, they can open it up and then copy the text for each slide and paste it into the right planet.  Adding pictures is the same as they did for the document.  Click the Insert link, choose image and then search for a planet.

When they are done, they should share it back with you or if you assigned it in Classroom, they will turn it in.

Here is an example of a few slides.

Google Slides