The following scholarships have been publicized to the AHS Counseling Office for the Class of 2017. 


Scholarship Coding:
(L) – Local Scholarships
(O) – Oregon Scholarships
(R) - Regional Scholarships
(N) –  National Scholarships
(P) - Progressive 

 Due Date Scholarship Name   Scholarship Description Website/Link for Application Information
Astoria High School Tackle Box Scholarship (L)Graduating AHS seniors who are pursuing a certificate or vocational program are encouraged to apply for the Tackle Box Scholarship. $1000 will be awarded to one or more applicants.Tackle Box Scholarship Application
6.1.17Clatsop County Safety Council Scholarship (L)Graduating seniors in Clatsop County who are planning to focus on a career in the Natural Resource Field (Forestry, Fish & Wildlife, etc) or Technical Trade (Diesel Mechanic, etc) are encouraged to apply. Clatsop County Safety Council Scholarship
6.17.17Lucidpress Scholarship (N)To apply for this scholarship, use Lucidpress (free access) to design your answer to one of the three prompts, adapted from this year's Common App essay questions. Select one of the following Lucidpress templates to get started: brochure, poster, flyer, presentation, magazine spread, or whitepaper.
6.30.17Aspiring Nurse Scholarship (N)This scholarship is open to all high school seniors who plan to pursue college education in nursing, including LPN / LVN, ADN, and BSN programs. A $1,000 scholarship will be awarded to an aspiring nurse who best demonstrates a track record of academic excellence, particularly in science and mathematic and a passion for the nursing profession and the overall field of healthcare.
7.1.17   Oregon Promise (O) Oregon Promise is a state grant program that covers some or all of the tuition at an Oregon community college. Oregon Promise is for recent Oregon high school graduates and GED recipients who enroll in an Oregon community college within six months of graduation.

Who is eligible?

You must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Complete an Oregon Promise Grant Application by the appropriate deadline
  • Be a recent Oregon high school graduate or GED recipient
  • Document a 2.5 cumulative high school GPA or higher; or a GED score of 145 or higher on each test
  • Enroll at least half-time at an Oregon community college within 6 months of high school graduation or GED completion
  • Be an Oregon resident for at least 12 months prior to enrolling in community college
  • Have filed a FAFSA or ORSAA application and listed at least one Oregon community college

Class of 2018
 9.12.17Beat the Odds Scholarship (O)Stand for Children will award four $10,000 college scholarships to outstanding students who have “Beat the Odds”  and succeeded academically despite hardships such as poverty, disability, homelessness, or personal tragedy Click here to access Beat the Odds Scholarship Information

Helpful Scholarship Resources:

Deadlines that have passed:
9.13.16 Beat the Odds Scholarship (O)
9.29.16 PEO Star Scholarship - Preliminary Application (P) Click here to access the application
10.3.16 Wendy's High School Heisman Scholarship (N)
11.30.16 Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Scholarship (N)
11.30.16 Elks Most Valuable Student Scholarship (P)
12.15.16 Burger King Scholars Program (N) Burger King Scholars Program
12.15.16 AXA Achievement (N)
12.18.16 NFIB Young Entrepreneur Award (N)
1.13.17 Pride Foundation Scholarships (R) Pride Foundation Scholarships
2.1.17 National Wood Flooring Association Educ & Research Foundation Wood Studies Scholarship (N) Wood Studies Scholarship
2.6.17 Al Forthan Memorial Scholarship (O) Al Forthan Memorial Scholarship Application Instructions
2.10.17 North Coast Scholarship Foundation (L) NCSF Scholarship Instructions 
2.13.17 BBB Students of Integrity Scholarship (R) BBB Foundation Website
2.15.17 Clatsop Community College Honors Program Scholarship Priority Deadline(L)
2.15.17 OSAC Scholarship (O) Early Bird Deadline - 5pm PST
2.28.17 Thomas Pitzer Aviation Scholarship (O)
3.1.17 OSAC Scholarship (O) Regular Deadline 5pm PST
3.1.17 Oregon Collectors Association (O)
3.1.17 Association of Computer Professionals in Education Scholarship (R)
3.2.17 State Farm Good Neighbor Scholarship (N)
3.6.17 Greenfield Peace Writing Scholarship (O) Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility website
3.10.17 Astoria Scholarship Inc (L)
3.10.17 Delta Kappa Gamma Scholarship (L)
3.10.17 ABATE Scholarship (L)
3.10.17 ILWU Scholarship (L)
3.13.17 Jerry Westerholm Memorial Scholar Athlete Award (L) Jerry Westerholm Scholarship Application
3.20.17 OASSA Scholarship (O)
3.20.17 Doug Lemley Memorial Scholarship (O) OSFMA Website
3.30.17 Oregon PTA Scholarship (O)
3.31.17 Far West Agribusiness Association Scholarship (R)
3.31.17 Astoria Fire Department Student Scholarship Program (L) View informational flyer here
4.3.17 Oregon Promise (O) *Early Notification Deadline
4.11.17 Chinese American Citizens Alliance Portland Lodge Scholarships (O)
4.14.17 Clatsop Community College Internal Scholarships (L) Clatsop Community College Scholarship Info
4.14.17 Astoria Rotary Scholarship (L) Astoria Rotary Scholarship Application
4.15.17 Wauna Credit Union Scholarship (L) Wauna Credit Union Scholarship Information
4.15.17 Bratton/Peterson Scholarship (L) Click here to access the application
4.15.17 Dan Hilger Memorial Scholarship (L) Click here to access the application
4.18.17 Clatsop Association of Realtors Scholarship (L) Clatsop Association of Realtors Scholarship
4.28.17 Clatsop County Master Gardener Scholarship (L) 2017 Clatsop County Master Gardener Scholarship
4.29.17 Oregon Pointe Pest Control Scholarship (O)
4.30.17 Lower Columbia Hispanic Council Scholarship Application (L) Click here to access the application instructions
5.1.17 Astoria Scandinavian Festival Scholarship (L) Click here to access application.
5.1.17 Royal Nebeker Scholarship Click here to access the application
5.5.17 Oregon School Employees Association Scholarship (L) OSEA Scholarship 
5.5.17 Astoria Warrenton Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors Scholarship (L) Click here to access the application
5.9.17 Clatsop Community College Honors Program Scholarship (L)
5.12.17 Lower Columbia Human Resource Management Association Scholarship (L) LCHRMA Scholarship Application and Information
5.15.17 Astoria Education Association Scholarship (L) AEA Scholarship page 1 AEA Scholarship page 2
5.19.17 Astoria Youth Athletics Scholarship (L) AYA Scholarship Instructions
5.19.17 Women of Astoria Golf and Country Club Scholarship (L) Click here to download PDF
5.19.17 2016 Play It Forward Scholarship (O)
5.26.17 Oregon Coast Invitational Golf Tournament Scholarship (L) Oregon Coast Invitational Golf Tournament Scholarship
5.26.17 Paul Dessen Memorial Scholarship (L) Paul Dessen Scholarship Application

College and University Scholarships:
The majority of the scholarship money students earn is from the college or university they plan to attend.  Check with the financial aid office to determine the deadline and application process.  Click here for more information about several colleges and universities.

Online scholarship searches:
Be cautious!  Be careful of internet scholarship scams!  It should never cost money to apply for a scholarship opportunity!

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