College Applications

There are a number of different types of applications -- every college or university requires a different requirements, different process, and different deadlines. Know what is expected of you and triple check EVERYTHING before you submit.

College Applications typically require submitting the following items:
Application Form
High School Transcript
Standardized Test Score
Letters of Recommendation when requested
Essay(s) when requested
*Meeting Deadline*

Application Types
Online Applications
Colleges and Universities are moving to a 100% online application system.  This saves both the applicant and institution money in paper and postage, is more efficient, and allows the applicant to receive confirmation that the application was submitted.
The Common Application allows students to apply to over 400 participating colleges and universities with one application.  The schools that participate in the commonapp are primarily private schools - a list can be found here.  The CommonApp can be completed online or by printing out a paper copy and submitting.  It is recommended that applications are submitted online to ease the process of submitting transcripts and SAT scores to the prospective colleges and universities.

Paper Applications
Many colleges and universities still allow students to submit paper applications.  Students should make a photocopy of the application to use as a rough draft before completing the final copy to be submitted.  It is recommended that paper applications are sent certified mail to confirm that they are received.

Deadline Types
Regular Application
Deadlines may be as early as January 1st or as late as February 15th.  Applications may be submitted prior to the deadline, however notification may not come earlier as a result of early submission.  Students may apply to more than one school with regular decision.

There is not a deadline, applications can be submitted at anytime.  Applications are no longer accepted when the number of maximum students is met.  Notification of acceptance is dependent on when application is processed.  Most community colleges are rolling admission.

Early Decision (Binding)  
If the school accepts the applicant, the applicant MUST attend, regardless of financial aid offer.  Students can only apply to one school Early Decision, but can apply to other schools regular decision.  If the Early Decision application is accepted, all regular applicants MUST be rescinded immediately.  It is important to consult with a school counselor before making this decision -- a school counselor signature is usually required on the application to confirm that students understand the terms of this type of application.

Early Action (Non-Binding)
Application is due in the fall of the senior year and notification is sent earlier (December or January).  Students can apply to more than one school Early Action.  Admittance can often be accepted early, or wait until spring.

It's very important to pay attention to deadlines and the details of all applications.  
and proofread, proofread, proofread!