Financial Aid Night 2016 will be held September 28, 2016
FAFSA Night will be held October 10, 2016
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Check out these videos to learn about Financial Aid:
1. The Financial Aid Process  

FINANCIAL AID (in a nutshell):
1.  Complete the FAFSA application at (opens October 1, 2016) (completing the FAFSA by January 31st is highly recommended)
2.  FAFSA information is sent to all potential colleges and universities
3.  Potential colleges and universities use the FAFSA's information to compile a financial aid offer for each student
4.  Students must accept or deny financial aid offers in the process and by the deadline outlined by the college and university.

For the 2017-2018 school year, you will need financial information from 2015.  In order to submit the 2017 FAFSA, you will need to refer to:
  • Your Social Security Number (make sure it is correct!)
  • Your driver's license (if you have one)
  • Your parent's Social Security Number
  • Your parent's driver's license
  • Your 2015 W-2 Forms and any other record of money earned
  • Your 2015 Federal Income Tax Return
  • Your Parents' 2015 Federal Income Tax return
  • Your current bank statements
  • Your Parent's current bank statements

Filing the FAFSA opens up many possibilities for both Grants and Student Loans:

There are a number of colleges and universities that will waive student loans for low-income families.  Click here to get more information.

Federal Student Aid’s gateway website for students. Helpful information with calculators.

College and career resources, as well as information about military, campus life and student resources.  

Information about filling out the FAFSA, student loans, tuition tax benefits, understanding credit, etc.    

Information about scholarships, loans, savings plans, and military aid.

FAFSA Worksheet to assist with completing the FAFSA online. 

Videos explaining various parts of the financial aid process are available here. You must have RealPlayer to view the videos.  There is a link to dowload a free version on this site.