Please visit the counseling office for help with any of these steps!

Begin searching for colleges.  
This is the most important step of the college admission process.  This can begin as early as junior year or as late as fall of senior year.  
It important to research what each specific college and university requires and to pay attention to all deadlines.
    1.  Click here to learn how to begin making a list of potential colleges and universities.
    2.  Click here to learn about how the Career Information System (CIS) can help you in your search.
    3.  Click here to see a list of schools that recent AHS graduates have attended.

Compile your college resume.  This can be something that students start compiling as early as their freshmen year.  It will be continually updated throughout junior and senior year.  It is helpful to have when filling out scholarships, applications and requesting letters of rec.
    1.  Click here to learn about how to compile a college resume.
    2.  Click here to see an example of a typical Astoria High School student's college resume 

Take the SAT and/or ACT Test.  This is a recommended step for all seniors, regardless of what school you are planning to attend -- some scholarships consider a student to be a better applicant if they have a standardized test score.  You should take the SAT at the end of the your junior year and/or the beginning of your senior year.
    1.  Find out when the SAT/ACT is offered and register.
    2.  Click here to find out the difference between the SAT and ACT.
    3.  Prepare for the SAT or ACT.

Apply to colleges.
    1. Click here to learn about different types of college applications and deadlines.
    2. Click here to learn about CommonApp, a helpful tool for applying to many private schools.
    3. Click here to learn about writing a college admission essay (coming soon....)
    4. Need a letter of recommendation?  Click here for some tips.
    5. Click here to learn about what happens once your application is sent
    6. Click here to learn about the ten most common college admission mistakes.

Apply for scholarships
    1.  Click here for a list of scholarships that have been advertised with the AHS Counseling Office.
    2.  Need a letter of recommendation?  Click here for some tips.
    3.  Look at the financial aid and/or scholarship websites of the schools that you're planning to attend.  Click here to see a list of Washington and Oregon schools, their scholarship processes and deadlines.

Apply for Financial Aid
    Click here to get information about filing the FAFSA (file on or soon after October 1, 2016!)

Don't forget to ask for help along the way -- contact the counseling office if you have any questions!