R1.2 Summarize and critically analyze key points of text, events, issues, phenomena or problems, distinguishing factual from non-factual and literal from inferential elements.
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ClassCourseActivityTime of YearAssessment
ClassCourseActivityTime of YearAssessment
0 - Kindergarten   All year Kindergartners summarize the beginning, middle and ending of the story, as well as the setting and characters of the story. 
 Reading Textbook Throughout the year Use of graphic organizers such as story maps and Venn Diagrams. 
Reading Social Studies and Science all year Hartcourt - McGraw Hill - Social Studies ~ We need more science textbooks - We only have 20 books, We also use old science textbooks "Gateways to science" 1983 
 Reading Throughout the year Literary Response and Analysis, Genre Characteristics; Literary Elements; Literary Devices/Author's Craft, Response to Text; Cultural Awareness 
 Identify and summerize from informational and practical selections All year Text selections and leveled books 
 Reading all year Harcourt-Storytown, McGraw-Hill Science, McGraw-Hill United States- Adventures in Time and Place (social studies) 
 Reading All year Storytown, Theme 3: Changing Planet 
 Misfits, Where the Red Fern Grows, Hatchet, Holes... all year Writing Activities 
9-12 Chemistry Reading Assignment #1 Unit two Unit #2 Sept 20th to 30th Pre and Post Reading questions 
9-12 English 11 and Honors English 11 Reading individual stories and essays. All year. Students answer questions on handouts and tests that examine the literal and inferential parts of the writing. 
9 -12 English 9 (Honors) Infrence questions for literatary analysis in Odyssey, poetry, and short story units. All year Activity or test questions that ask for infered information about text. 
9-12 U.S. History Read historical novels: The Jungle, Johnny Got His Gun, The Grapes of Wrath All year Summary, reflection, and analysis 
9-12 Global Studies Read editorials, articles, essays, novels, textbooks all year Compare and contrast; summarize; paraphrase 
9-12 English 10 Informational Text Semester 1 Textbook chapter on the Renaissance. Summarize by topic (assignment).  
9-12 Choir Decode Text All Year Group discussions of poetic texts, cultural historical and musical context. 
9-12  English 10 Literary text (Mockingbird/TKAM) Semester 1 TKAM class novel with reading questions incl. summaries and inferential questions and assessments. 
9-12 Chemistry & Celluar Biology Reading Assignment #1 Unit six Unit six Jan 20th to 30th Pre and post Reading questions...... 
9-12 English 10 Literary text (Fahrenheit 451/ F451) Semester 2 F451 class novel with reading questions incl. summaries and inferential questions and assessments. 
9-12 Science: Physics Article Review Year Long Article Summaries, Reading Questions 
9-12 English Honors 12 Fast Food Nation, Three Cups of Tea 2nd Semester Notes and discussion - Formal and informal essays - project - Exam 
9-12 Horticulture, Animal Science, Wildlife Management, Introduction to Agriculture, Agriculture Leadership Parliamentary Procedure Debate, Extemporaneous Public Speaking, Prepared Public Speaking, Mind Mover Writing Assignment – Contentious Issues, Agriculture in the News Reading and Writing Assignment All Year  Writing Assignments, Quizzes, Tests, Class Presentations  
9-12 Acting 1 Given Circumstances Early January Identify given circumstances in a script and analyze these facts to create character qualities on a worksheet. 
9-12 American Government Text, articles, primary documents Semester long Written response, discussion 
9-12 Shakespeare 1 Research reading Beginning of semester Research Paper 
9 - 12 Study Skills (Special Education) Read and summarize a news article All year Written paragraph summarizing main idea and key points of a news article or fictional story 
9-12 (Music) Jazz Band "soloing" all year Students evaluate themselves and others as they explore the use of their musical language (tone, articulation, blues scales & blues chord progressions) to create a work of art on the fly in real time. 
9-12 (Resource Room)  Resource Room Essay writing from texts to support a position  All year Evaluation of students' final products 
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