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This site is full of resources, tutorials, and examples of ways you can improve your writing from the comfort of your own computer. We cover everything from grammar skills to sample essays written by former students at AHS and lots in-between! We are here to help you, so if you have concerns or needs for your assignments or writing skills in general, please contact us any time. Happy Writing!

The Writing Process
Need help getting started? Not sure how to begin?  Click above to gain access to visual ways to organize thoughts and ideas!
Is your essay done, but not perfect? Is it not quite ready to be evaluated? Click above to find revision resources and tips!
Not sure what your assigned essay is supposed to look like? Want to make sure you're on the right track? Click above for example essays from all grade levels and teachers!

Skill Builders
Is your teacher getting after you to capitalize words in your writing, but you aren't sure when to do it?  Check out the video linked above for everything you need to know!
What the heck is a run-on, and why is your teacher insisting that you are using them?  Watch the video linked above to help you solve this common problem.
Is your paper getting marked with the word "frag" but you don't know what to do about it? Take a look at the slideshow linked above, and lear how to avoid sentence fragments.
Do you find yourself switching between past and present tense through your essay?  Does your teacher tell you that you are, but you don't know what that means?  Take a look at the slideshow linked above to stay in the same tense!

Exam, Scholarship, 
& Application Help
Beyond Astoria High School
Need help with scholarships, applications, SATs or resumes? The AHS counselors have you covered!
Looking for how to sign up for the SATs or retrieve your scores? You can find that information and more at the above link!
Wondering about the new test that is required for graduation? Take this practice test to see if you're ready!
Don't know how to write a solid application essay?  The above link has examples of essays that worked to get 2014 graduates into Johns Hopkins University in Maryland.  Feel free to observe and copy their techniques!

Outside Links

Click above to gain access to's research hub.  
For help with APA and MLA formatting. Everything you need to help develop your writing skills all in one place! 
A free automatic bibliography and citation generator. Does it get any easier than this?!
A collection of writing handbooks and student-friendly tools developed by teachers and writers for students in grades k-12.
English language arts standards developed and taught to ensure that all students are college and career ready by the end of high school.