AHS Sports Hall of Fame

For over a hundred years, sports have been an important part of Astoria High School. From the first athletes that laced up their sneakers in 1912 to those still wearing the purple and gold today, thousands of AHS students have dedicated themselves to the sports they love. For those young men and women, their successes on the court, field, track or the pool, will always be remembered.

The AHS hall of fame began in 1998 with a celebration of a dozen or so athletes. Like all the inducted individuals and teams, in their day, they were the talk of the town. Their accomplishments made the headlines on the local sports pages and were heralded in the hallways of the school. With the formation of this hall of fame, our goal is to preserve the marks they have left at AHS before moving on to careers in and out of sports.

A special thanks goes out to committee members that have donated much of their time towards making this hall of fame a success. Mike Goin, Dena Marsch, Larry Johnson, Rob Niemi, Julie Lum, Lindy O'Bryan, Kevin Goin, Dan Foss, Lou Marconeri, Howard Rub, Carl Dominey and Scott Holmstedt have all worked on the project to preserve and honor the outstanding athletes that have graduated from AHS.

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