For 2019 Middle Year students begin classes on
Wednesday 30th January. 

Some students are on what are known as single sites where they are living and studying from home with IDL access. Others attend another school to use the computers to access IDL but do all their work through School of the Air and others are travelling and usually have no IDL access.

First IDL is Wednesday, 09:00
This will be a home group meeting for all Middle Years students with access to IDL.

Communication is via this website. Once a week all students have a Home Group meeting.  In the meeting, any upcoming events are outlined as well as any reminders for specific work requirements. The meetings are also used to develop time management skills and to cover other skills that are important for the students to acquire. All IDL lessons are recorded and are made available via Google Drive. If you miss a Home Group or need to go back and check something you can download the recording and watch the session. To do this click on the link below and then download the recording you want. Once you have downloaded it onto your computer you can double click on it and it will run.

A full IDL  timetable can be obtained from the timetable page.

All students are to participate in the typing program. To access it you need a username and password and the link is on the navigation bar on the left. Progress will be reported on in the first semester and end of year reports. Returning students can continue from last year with the same username and password. If you are new you will be able to start the program after the Term 1 in-school. You will be given your username and password then.