Frequently Asked Questions

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1.  I can't
see anything on the front page?? I can't seem to find anything?

The front page, like many other parts of the main research homepage site, uses a flash embedded web part to display the information to you. This requires the use of Flash, which you may need to download if you have not used this in your browser before now. If you need to download Adobe Flash, please visit the Adobe website here.

2.  I'm confused, where abouts is the information found online??

This is the same flash embedded in the front page. This can also be found on the site, 

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Groups & Pages on Other Social Networking Sites (SNSs) include the following;
Facebook    - 
Google Groups  -     

3.  I'm lost, I can't find what I'm looking for... I go to what appears to be the page and there just nothing there?? 

Some of the pages which were created on the original site, ( have been lost as the technical (and user) error caused the site to overload so these are still being recreated (your patience is sincerely appreciated, remember its all just part of the learning experienced as we learn to adapt and integrate these new technologies ;) I'm forever learning with these constantly updated tools and services), other pages are still being moved over or connections rebuilt through the site. I'd appreciate any reporting of broken links or closed ended links, which can be reported, along with any bugs or errors found through the feedback forms here

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