Harvard/Riken GPGPU Symposium 2008

Center for Nanoscale Systems
Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Initiative in Innovative Computing

A symposium on scientific programming with General Purpose Graphical Processing Units (GPGPU) will be held at Harvard University on March 10 and 11. The Symposium will convene key researchers from Riken, The Institute for Physical and Chemical, Japan and scientists from Harvard University. Additionally a few researchers from other institutions will take part. The venues for the meeting will be, on Monday, March 10, the Division Room of Mallinckrodt Hall (Mallinckrodt 102) and on Tuesday, March 11, the third floor conference room, room 303, in the Laboratory for Integrated Science and Engineering (LISE) Building.

PLEASE NOTE LIMITED SEATING - please e-mail in advance: The meeting rooms have limited seating. The Mallinckrodt Division Room, in particular, holds no more than 30 people at most. Therefore, it is essential that if you wish to attend the meeting you send an e-mail to stopa@cns.fas.harvard.edu indicating your interest and the day and session(s) that you wish to attend. Please designate session as Monday morning, Monday afternoon and/or Tuesday morning. The session on Tuesday afternoon is a break-out session and anyone can participate. We will happily accommodate additional walk-in participants if space permits, but we cannot guarantee it.


Alan Aspuru-Guzik (Harvard)
Toshiaki Iitaka  (Riken)
Michael Stopa  (Harvard/Riken)
SYNOPSIS: General Purpose Graphical Processing Units (or GPGPUs) are dedicated graphics devices 
whose ancestors date to the 1980s and the graphical chips at the heart of Atari
Game consoles and others. In order to render computer graphics, GPUs are optimized
to perform various linear algebra functions, such as matrix multiplication with a
high degree of parallelism. Recently it has been discovered that the highly
parallel functionality of GPUs makes them potentially useful for accelerating
various kinds of scientific calculation and simulation. This meeting combines
scientists from Riken (The Institute for Physical and Chemical Research, Japan)
and Harvard University who have been at the forefront of bringing GPU technology
to scientific computation.

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Conference Schedule (note location switches between Mallinckrodt

Hall and LISE building)

Monday: breakfast, registration and meeting (all day Monday):
Division Room, Mallinckrodt Hall, Mallinckrodt 102, Chemistry Building (12 Oxford Street)

Monday lunch LISE Building, (11 Oxford St.) room 303

Monday afternoon, meeting resumes in Mallinckrodt Division Room, 102.

Tuesday meeting (including breakfast and lunch) will be in the LISE Building,
(11 Oxford St.) room 303 (3rd floor).