Aspire Preparatory
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2014 Yearbook

Yearbooks will be mailed to you at the end of July.  You should receive them by the second week of August. If you would like to order a yearbook, click the link below.

Have a great summer!  


We envision a school where students, faculty, and families actively engage in learning, leading, and community building. Students eagerly encourage peers to meet the high academic and social expectations they have set for themselves and their school community. The faculty consistently models excellence in scholarship and decorum through skillfully crafted lessons and positive interactions with students that support academic achievement, social competence, and emotional growth. With the encouragement of students and generous support of faculty members, families collaborate to maintain a socially safe and emotionally secure school community where every child, in every situation, attains high levels of academic success.


To prepare every student for leadership in top-tier secondary schools and universities by maintaining a school community and culture that teaches, models, and promotes academic excellence, social competence, and emotional growth. 

To realize our mission we will:

  • maintain a school culture where positive academic, social, and emotional behaviors are taught, modeled, valued, and expected.

  • create diverse learning experiences that emphasize skills acquisition, critical thinking, content knowledge, and understanding of the learning process.

  • empower students with real-life coping strategies for overcoming academic challenges as well as the social and emotional issues of everyday adolescent life.

  • promote growth toward clearly defined academic and social-emotional outcomes for all students.

  • engage families and community partners in education and enrichment initiatives that support the academic endeavors and social-emotional development of students.

Core Values

LEARN (v) - gaining knowledge, understanding, and/or skills as a result of study, instruction, or experience. Students will learn to solve problems, think critically, be reflective and articulate their thinking to others in academic and social contexts. To support student learning in these three areas we will:

  • maintain a community of high academic and behavioral expectations for all.
  • articulate discreet, clearly defined academic proficiency targets in every subject at every grade level.
  • create learning experiences that appeal to the diverse learning styles, cultures, and interests.
  • provide explicit, developmentally appropriate social and emotional skills instruction to all students.
  • integrate instruction in learning processes, study skills, and collaborative work strategies across the curriculum at all grade levels.
  • use standard, portfolio, self, and peer assessments to monitor student progress toward academic, social, and emotional goals. 
  • provide focused intervention services for students experiencing academic failure. 
LEAD (v) - empowering others to pursue a goal. We define leadership as the measure to which one can galvanize others into positive, healthy action. To develop every student's leadership ability we will:
  • maintain a community of high academic and behavioral expectations for all.
  • articulate clearly defined, developmentally appropriate leadership competencies for every grade level.
  • teach and model pro-social behavior and communication skills to every child at every grade level.
  • provide students with deliberate opportunities to practice leadership within small and large group settings everyday.
  • use portfolio, self, and peer assessments to monitor progress in leadership competency areas.
  • provide focused intervention services for students experiencing social failure.
PERSEVERE (v) - pressing onward in spite of fear, fatigue, and/or failure. The ability to persevere in pursuit of a goal is essential for success in academia, the professional world, and life in general. To encourage perseverance and celebrate resiliency we will:
  • maintain a community of high academic behavioral expectations for all.
  • emphasize a learning model that celebrates "failure" as an opportunity for learning and growth.
  • provide developmentally appropriate emotional skills instruction to all students. 
  • provide increased opportunities for students to nurture meaningful relationships with peers and adults through community building and student advisory initiatives.
  • use portfolio, self, and peer assessments to monitor students progress toward emotional goals.