Table of Contents

Volume 1, Issue 1


Untitled by Catherine Farmer

wrecked by Cris Halverson

Rescue of the Broken Doll by Cris Halverson



Just Another Saturday Morning Cartoon by Dennis Tkon

from A History of What Lies Beneath by Sarah Tavis



wheat field with crows by Ann Iverson
Autumn 1947 by Gayle Mohrbacker
Gift Giving by Mary Alexandra Agner
On Tasting Daffodils by Catherine Farmer
River Missive by Christopher Title
Firefish by Brittany Dennison
Last Call Confessional by Adrian S. Potter
Live Jazz in the Orchid Room by Paul Squires
Helping Hand by Rosanna Armendariz
Untitled by Michelle Cunningham
Sometimes the Mist of the Mountains by Scot Young
Visiting Tuscon by Gayle Mohrbacker
Ten Items or Less by Deb Scott


Editorial Essays

Building Something New by Jessica Fox-Wilson

Beginnings by Jo Hemmant

Some Notes on Beginnings by Kate Sloan Fiffer


Contributor's List