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summer exam second year

The following topics will be on the Summer test:
1. Lungs (respiratory system)
2. Heart (circulatory system)
3. Health hazards
4. Dairy
5. Fruit and Veg
6. Meat 
7. Fish 
8. Soups and Sauces
9. Fabric care
10. Sewing skills
11. Textiles in the home 
12. Consumer Studies
13.Special Diets
14. Know how to draw and explain how you made your cushion (stitches etc)
Also up to 10 % given to your embroidery.
Tips/ How to study:
  • Use your book/ workbook
  • Revise notes/ worksheets
  • Look over old tests
  • Check out quizlet for games
  • Revise using powerpoints on this website
  • Have someone test you
  • Make notes, mind maps or flashcards yourself