Teaching of English 

The Teaching of English gives young students the communication skills required in today’s global environment. Teachers can encourage and inspire each other by sharing their English worksheets and activities online for free. The TES India website has collected over 42,000 free English teaching methods and ideas that have been uploaded and shared online by teachers from around the world.

These free classroom resources cover a wide area of English literature and English language and help teachers to educate all year groups from Kindergarten to Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary. Teachers can find spelling activities and games for young children, popular grammar worksheets and revision guides for more mature students in Higher Secondary education. These resources and lesson plans available on TES India can be adapted to suit different classrooms and generate new ideas for teachers.

You can also create your own Profiles on TES India, here is the profile for RanganayakiSrinivasthey are easy to create and free! They give teachers the chance to share their lesson ideas through a personalized page. There is also a community with live forums where you can start conversations about any aspect relating to the teaching of English.

The resources shared here are for different levels of learners. Please contact us if you are not able to understand the purpose or way of using any of these resources. Using a resource in a proper manner at the level it is intended for will get maximum results. If you use any of the resources and want to share with us your  comments and feedback ping me on Google Plus.

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