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Register for the Teacher Training Workshop In Hyderabad 

Goal of the workshop 

The two-day workshop will 

- help the primary teachers use the programme they are using at present in a better and efficient manner 

- help the teachers understand ways of developing reading skills of the children and enable them to become independent readers 

- help the teachers understand the concepts of the phonics method of teaching 

- help the teachers learn how to use story books for doing  oral work and as a supplementary to phonics teaching 

- provide an opportunity for  the teachers to use flash cards  and participate in peer teaching 

- divide the teachers into groups and ask them to play the phonics games and gain first hand knowledge of how this experience can help their children learn better.


Workshop Schedule 

First Hour

  1. Brief description of the order in which teaching should happen.  (15 m.)

  2. Oral work using flashcards.  (10 m.)

  3. Oral work using picture and story books.  (15 m.)

  4. Participants divided into groups to practise oral work.  (20m.)


Second Hour

1. Phonics - initial consonants.  (30 m.)

2. Division into groups to practise teaching initial consonants.  (20 m.)

3. Feedback from groups, Q and A  and general discussion.  (10 m.)


Third Hour

  1. Vowels and c-v-c words.  (20 m.)

  2. Discussion :  How does this work fit into the programmes that

         teachers are already using ?     (10 m.)

Teachers are invited to bring the material that they are currently using for this discussion.

3. Division into groups to practise teaching vowels and c-v-c words. (20 m.)

4. Discussion in groups.  (10 m.)


Fourth Hour

1. Phonics Games Series A, B, C and D.  (10 m.)

2. Division into groups to play the games. (20 m.)

3. Other picture card activities. (15 m.)

4. Q and A  (15 m.)  

Big Flashcards, Story/Picture books, Phonics Games, Phonics workbooks will be available for inspection and practise.

Key Resource Person 

Dr. Ranganayaki Srinivas, ESL specialist


Brief Bio Of The Resource Person

Ranganayaki Srinivas, an ESL specialist, worked with H. M. Patel Institute of English Training & Research, Gujarat, teaching the M. A. ELT and M.Phil.ELT students. She has trained thousands of teachers, produced course materials, school textbooks, Learn English Through Radio programmes and Teach English Through TV programmes. She conducts webinars for teachers. More information about her is available at

She has developed a set of phonics games based on an idea by Greta Jackson, a British expert in the teaching of reading. The phonics games provide systematic practice based on the phonics method. The games help the children learn while they play cooperatively and get personally involved in the learning process. More information about the phonics games are available at 



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