10. Universal Design for Learning

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Date Taken: Fall 2012 | Grade: ? | GPA: ?

UVM Description:

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a framework for designing learning experiences that are engaging for a wide range of learners. Through UDL and applied media and web-based technologies, it is possible that every student in a classroom can experience more deeply connected learning. The course is mainly focused on the implications for classroom practice that emerge from research in the cognitive sciences. Secondary consideration is given to recent policy initiatives that make UDL an approach to teaching and learning that is gaining influence in k-16 education. The goal of this course is for participants to know and apply the principles of UDL to make classrooms better learning environments for every student and teacher. The outcomes resulting from classrooms infused with UDL practices will include higher rates of student achievement, higher rates of student self-directed learning, more deeply connected student learning experiences, and enhanced teacher ownership of the classroom learning environment.

ID: EDCI 200
Instructor: Charles Rathbone
Syllabus: click here (Requires Permission)