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2. Saving

  • Understand the File operations
  • Further use the help functions
  • Checklist based on task completion

Lecture points
  • When to export
  • Have the students first do the Using Help assignment.  This will lead them to finding the answer to step 5. 
  • Do not show the students how to accomplish step 4, but rather direct them to find it in the help menu.  Same applies to sharing the document.
Assignment ~ 10 points
  1. Open a new wordprocessing document
  2. Name the document "<Yourname>-saving" (hint: rename)
  3. Add a favorite quote to the body
  4. Change the margins of the document to .5 left, .5 right, .5 top and .5 bottom
  5. Export the document as a Word file (.doc)
    1. Email me the Word file (.doc)
    2. I show you this because there are some teachers which require Word files (.doc) files to be given to them.
  6. Share the file with me as an editor