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Create a classroom site This uses the MSJ Site template. (12min)  
Evernote Note-Taking 
Shared Folders in Google You can share folders with a group of people or even have your students share a dropbox type of folder for your class.  
Android in the Classroom  
Add Google Apps to Your Domain This video show how to add a sub-domain to your account then associate  
Google Site Background Wrapper Image  
DLC & PLN Quick Video of my presentation on Digital Learning Communities and Personal Learning Networks. 
Set up a contact group in gMail This will show you how to set up a contact group in gMail 
Set up a user managed Google Apps Group This video will teach you how to set up a user managed google apps group. 
Transfer Google Documents from one account to another within a domain This video shows how an administrator can transfer google docs and ownership of those docs from one account to another within a domain. This works well for when a staff member leaves and is being replaced. 
Transfer Google Apps: Using Google Takeout Brought to you by This video shows you how to use Google Takout which is part of Google's Data Liberation to export your contacts and google documents in one bulk operation. 
Showing 11 items