Sara Allyn Mavinkurve

about ASIRA's editor/creator 

It's hard for me to put into words just how much this "hobby" has gotten to my heart (and mind).  It takes a great sense of self worth just to imagine how I could deserve to spend my life in the company of so much life, with so many brilliantly beautiful and enchantingly enigmatic creatures.  

Though more commonly known as "sihaya" on the reefkeeping aquarium forums, my real name is Sara Allyn Mavinkurve.  I was born in 1981 in Akron, OH and currently live in Cleveland, OH.  My mom tells me that when I was 4 I was quite frustrated with the fact that I would never be a fish or be able to live in the sea. I'm still a bit disappointed about that, but find some solace in my aquariums. 

My broad and seemingly endless curiosity about the world in general has left me with a rather eclectic list of academic achievements and experiences. Though I majored in math and minored in computer science in college, I also took many biology and chemistry classes as a premed student. I spent almost a year in medical school before deciding that it wasn't for me. At some point while in medical school, I started my first marine aquarium which became the second love of my life.  In the mean time, I earned a MA in Bioethics and am now in law school at Case Western Reserve University. 

I'm now a proud crew member of dear Robert Fenner's WWM.  The courses I took in biology and chemistry, biochemistry, etc. along with my experience in medical research is what has enabled me to be able to read and understand just about any science or research journal. I also understand research and study design and hope to use this ability to make more academic information accessible to the reef keeping hobby. I've created with the hope of making more information more accessible to store employees and owner (and hobbyists too).