Heliopora (Blue Coral)

Class Anthozoa, Order Helioporacea, Family Helioporidae, Genus Heliopora

photo by Marc Leveson

Common names: Blue Coral, Blue-Ridge Coral
Natural origin: Indo-Pacific
Sensitivity (Level 2): Usually a fairly tolerant, easy to care for species when fed properly.
Feeding: These corals have very small polyps and need to be fed fine particulate foods. Baby brine shrimp, oyster eggs, and other small particle foods are good. A heavily populated sand bed can also provide some good food for these corals.
Lighting (Level 6 to 10): Heliopora can adapt to a range of light intensities.  Ideal lighting will depend on the depth and clarity of the water where the coral was initially collected (or cultured). Usually, more intense lighting is preferred.
Water flow: They will benefit from moderate to strong water flow.
Placement: They are peaceful corals and should be placed away from more aggressive tank mates.
General: Blue ridge corals are quite unique with their blue, hollow skeletons.  Though not a particularly fast growing coral, higher calcium levels (at least 420 ppm) are important.