Class Anthozoa, Order Scleractinia, Family Oculinidae, Genus Galaxea


photo by Mike LaPorte
last two photos by Bob Fenner

Common names: galaxea
Natural origin: Indo-Pacific
Sensitivity (Level 2 to 3): Though not beginner corals, they're generally tolerant in healthy, established aquariums.
Feeding: These corals should be fed a variety of smaller particle food.
Lighting (Level 3 to 5): They can adapt to a range of lighting conditions and seem to do well under less intense light. As always, care should be taken to acclimate the coral to any change in lighting conditions.
Water flow: They do best with surging water flow. If surging flow is not available, place in an area of the tank with stronger, more turbulent flow.
These corals can get quite aggressive with their exceptionally long stinging sweeper tentacles. Even small colonies need a lot of room.
General: Galaxea have thin, fragile polyp skeletons (corallites). Please handle with care. If not being kept in a tank with strong, surging water flow, be sure to keep clear of sediment with daily "blasting" with a turkey baster or power head. When healthy and kept well, these corals can grow quite fast and are easy to fragment and propagate.