Duncan Coral

Class Anthozoa, Order Scleractinia, Family Dendrophylliidae, Genus Duncanopsammia sp.

Common names: duncans, whisker coral, daisy coral
Natural origin: Australia, Indo-Pacific 
Sensitivity (Level 2 to 3):  Duncans are similar to other large polyped stony corals in terms of tolerance and sensitivity to slightly less than ideal water conditions.  However, aquarists report them to have more demanding feeding requirements than most other LPS.
Feeding: These corals do well with frequent target feeding.  Smaller mysis shrimp, Cyclopeeze (micro crustaceans) and baby brine shrimp are some good food choices (also any meaty food similarly sized, or chopped to the appropriate size). Variety in foods given is also helpful.
Lighting (Level 3 to 5): These corals can adapt to a wide range of lighting.  They don't need intense lighting.  However, aquarists frequently report higher growth rates under more intense lighting.
Waterflow: Moderate to strong water flow is important.
Placement: Prefered placement is on rock, but placement on sand might be ok (so long as it can be placed such that the polyps can fully expand, uninhibited). 
General:  Success with Duncans seems to depend mostly on proper and frequent/adequate feeding.  With good care, they can grow quite fast and are relatively easy to propogate.