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Mission Statement

ASIRA is offered as an alternative source of information for reef aquarists and vendors of reef invertebrates.  We hope to help local aquarium stores better serve their customers with more reliable (and readily available) information (such as care sheets for different kinds of corals).  We also intend to encourage the sharing of knowledge and experience between scientists and hobbyists.

For the past several decades, the general community of hobby reef aquarists has been too isolated from the academic world. We've failed to take full advantage of the wealth of information the scientific community has to offer. Because of this, the body of knowledge now currently available to hobbyists has, over the years, suffered from what one might call "intellectual inbreeding." Most of what we know (or think we know) is based on the testimonials and advice from a limited number of old pros and seasoned aquarists. While these contributions of acquired practical knowledge have been truly invaluable to the hobby; we need more now. To progress as an intelligent community, we need ongoing communication with the academic world and with other sources of information (including other industries such as water treatment and commercial aquaculture). For though we may never know all we wish we could, we can still know a lot more than we do now.

We here at ASIRA aim to provide some insight and access to modern science and other sources of nonpartisan information. At the same time, we will also pay tribute to the current knowledge of the hobby by presenting past and present trends and methods in reef keeping. However, here, we hope to do so in light of what science is known and what is yet to be understood.

Editor: Sara Mavinkurve
Rod Buehler, William Hoffman, Sara Mavinkurve, Curt Swearingen
Photo Contributors: Robert Fenner, Audrey Bowens, Charlie Ehlers, Jason Huber, Carole Jurrens, Mike Laporte, Marc Leveson, Doni Marie, Sara Mavinkurve, Jennifer Mendonca, Robert Pacheco, Gene Schwartz, Larry Teske

Special thanks to Ann Difrangia, Paul Laurella and Robert Fenner