It is said that the island of Honshu shifted eight feet to the east and that the Earth shifted on its axis by about ten inches roughly the length of a pencil. We have all been moved by the events of March 11, 2011. Remarkably the movement continues — not geographically but in this case poetically. When we first encountered the Voices from Japan collection of tanka, we were moved by the searing images and honesty. When we interviewed the poets, and during the weeks that followed while preparing for the exhibit, we often heard that Japanese people do not like to show emotion. This paradox moves us.

In our work with the Tsujimotos, the students, the poetry, the photographs, and most importantly with the poets, we have revisited our own experience of the crisis and rekindled our interest in and commitment to the reconstruction of spaces and lives that were changed on March 11. Perhaps the exhibit will also form a new community of those who can move Japan forward — together.

Schedule of Events

For detailed descriptions of the following events please download the pdf of the schedule.

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March ­4-16    M-Sat 9-5

Voices From Japan:  an exhibition of tanka and photographs in the Ricketson Theater Lobby

*Images of the Exhibit*

March­ 4­   3pm      

Voices From Japan: Opening Reception  Ricketson Theater Lobby

­ March­ 7­  6:30pm

Kyogen Ricketson Theater

March­ 8­  5:30 door, 6:00 start       

Pray For Japan—a film by Stu Levy Venue  followed by M’s Japan Orchestra Charity Concert    Yamano Hall, 1-53-1 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku

March­ 9­  6:30pm       

Kanto Honor Band and Orchestra Concert  Ricketson Theater

March­ 11­  7:00 pm     

Voices From Japan: a 3.11 Commemoration   Ricketson Theater

March­ 12­  12:30 pm   

Negative: Nothing—a film about Thomas Köhler  Ricketson Theater

March­ 13­  7:00pm   

 Panel Discussion:  Post 3.11 Japan: Challenges and Opportunities Ricketson Theater

­ March­ 14­  

Kizuna Program:   200 US high school students visiting ASIJ