Laptop Program Overview

In 2008-09, the Learning with Technology committee, made up of teachers, a parent, and students, and HS administrators made the recommendation to the ASIJ Administrative team that the high school adopt a 1:1 laptop program. Parent and student input regarding the adoption of such a program was gathered using a random sampling of over 80 families.


How was the decision to go with Apple made?

To research best practices for successful 1:1 programs, high school teachers, administrators, and tech staff attended 1:1 school conferences, visited both PC and Mac 1:1 schools, and participated in courses focusing on enhancing learning in a 1:1 environment. The decision to go with Apple was primarily based on three factors:

-          Current ownership: Information about current computer access at home was gathered by a census taken of our entire high school student body in both 2008 and 2010.  Sixty percent of our students reported that they used an Apple at home.

-          Teaching and Learning: For a number of creative learning experiences and assessments that we envision becoming an increasing part of our program, Apple provides some significant advantages, particularly in areas that require seamless interactive multimedia.

-          Local support: A number of computer hardware providers were contacted during the decision-making process, and Apple was the clear choice in terms of service and support, as well as professional development for teachers.