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ASIJ TMI Philosophy

ASIJ Technology, Media, and Information Literacy Guiding Philosophy

Through the effective use of technology, ASIJ supports the learning community with the tools needed to successfully adapt to a rapidly changing society. ASIJ enables members of the learning community to become competent, confident, creative users of technology, media and information, essential skills for lifelong learning.

Our technology, media and information literacy program is founded on the following commitments:


  • Appropriate integration of technology, media and information literacy into curriculum, instruction and assessment enhances student achievement of ASIJ's Student Learning Outcomes.
  • Regular review and revision of technology courses and library programs ensure curriculum, instruction and assessment remain aligned with real world expectations.


  • Ongoing professional development is an important factor in the effective use of technology, media and information in both curricular and administrative functions.
  • Program success requires hiring sufficient and qualified support staff to meet the needs of technology, media and information users schoolwide.
  • Supporting appropriate innovative practices enhances the learning community.
  • Embracing change in technology, media and information necessitates a flexible infrastructure and appropriate standardization of software and hardware.
  • Incorporation of collaborative decision-making, user-feedback, needs assessment, and evaluation promotes an effective support culture.

Learning Community:

  • Technology and media enhance communication and collaboration with the learning community.
  • ASIJ provides technology-based services and resources to the learning community beyond the school campus and the school day.
  • ASIJ promotes the ethical use of information.
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