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Lackadaisy Web Comic
Recommended by ASIJ Alum, Helen White.
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Review of Lackadaisy from The Warden's Walk


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Recommended by Mrs. Yoshii
by Alex Dudley ASIJ Class of 2006
Conroy Cat is a webcomic by Alex Dudley. Dedicated to animation fans, The Cartoon Chronicles of Conroy Cat is about the titular character doing odd jobs to get his name out and try to become famous in Cartoon Land. Most of the strips feature characters from other animation works, such as comic books, anime, and lots of western animation. There have also been "toon training" sessions, in which Doggy, a toon based on old black and white animation toons and one of the few recurring characters, teaches Conroy how to harness the power of the "funny bone" to create all the gags that you see in cartoons. It often lampshades the common gags and devices of animation.

Homestuck  Online comic
Recommended by Sean C.
Homestuck Wallpaper