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Author Visit!
Leza Lowitz, author of Jet Black and the Ninja Wind (Sakura Medal 2015 Nominee)
spoke with the book club on Wednesday, April 15!

Jet Black is the last living female ninja in the world. There’s only one problem–she doesn’t know it. Everyone else does, and they all want
to capture her and uncover her secret–a secret she doesn’t even
know she has. 

Will the discovery of Jesus’s bone in Japan, the development of a totally ambiguous high tech language, and Navajo military strategy lead Jet to the ancient treasure on sacred Emishi land?  When her mother dies, Jet must go to Japan to find the link between these
three mysterious quests–or die trying.

Stalked by bounty hunters and desperately in love with the one man sent to kill her, Jet summons up years of buried training to unleash
her hidden power.  But are they strong enough to protect the
treasure, preserve the ancient culture, and save a sacred mountain from destruction?

To emerge triumphant, can Jet become the ninja wind?

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      Book Clubs

We have three book clubs!

All monthly Book Club meetings are held during
so they won't interfere
with after school activities!

The English Library Book Club

Any HS student interested in joining
the English Book  
Club should
speak to Angie M. or Alec F.
or sign up in the HS Library.
Our first book this year will be 
 Mr. Lancet will meet with the book club on Sept. 23 to discuss his book.

The Japanese Library Book Club 
reads popular titles in Japanese.
Please see Mrs. Inahara or Mrs. Hayakawa
 if you are interested in 
joining the Japanese Book Club.

For archives of past years, please click here

The Nonfiction Reading Circle
reads nonfiction titles and meets once a week to 
discuss them. See Karen H. or Reisa M.  if you would like to join the Nonfiction Reading Circle ...or sign up  in the  Library


A great new resource for free music for your projects. Watch this video and be sure to cite your source.
To give a simple attribution for a song from Freeplay you've used in a slideshow or video,  just do this:
"Down Again" by Annie Minogue
Used by Permission

For more about Attributions and Citations go here.