Why do we cite ?  

You’ve watched a movie. You loved the soundtrack. 
You wait through the credits to learn the music titles 
and performers.   Why? Are you checking for plagiarism? Copyright infringement? No. You simply want to know. 
You’re seeking information.

Citing is not merely a way to avoid the dreaded penalties of plagiarism. It is the honest way to present our work and the work of others.  It is, most simply, how we help each other find information in this world.

We cite:

  • To give credit where credit is due. That's only fair.
  • To help others build on our work by going back to our sources. We're making a road map for others to follow.
We have some choices.  

We can make formal MLA citations for material we quote, paraphrase and summarize in our papers and projects.
Use MLA to cite databases, books, and websites.

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We can create simple attributions for music and images we use in projects like posters and presentations.

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We can choose other citation styles such as APA or Chicago.

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