Welcome to the World Language
Summer Homework page!
                 Start the fall 2017 semester with a 100 in Spanish or French!  Keep in
                 touch with the language over the summer and remembering it will
                 come easily in the fall.
                 There is summer homework for everyone entering Spanish or French 2                   or higher.
                 You can find the homework assignment posted on this site.
                 Please click on the link for the class you will be starting in August
                 for the summer homework assignment.  
                 **FYI** If you switched levels over the summer, you
                 are still expected to obtain and complete the summer homework
                 by the same due date as the rest of the class! Those who switch
                 into Honors level over the summer, prove that you belong there by
                 being responsible and aware. Do not fall behind on the first day.
                If you are new to Ashland, you are expected to complete the summer                     HW as well.


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