Monthly Newsletter

Pittaway Extended Day Program

September 2017

Dear Parents:

It is with great pleasure and joy that we welcome you to the Kindergarten Extended Day Program.  Each month you will receive a newsletter to keep you informed about our program.  This month we have included some general information to help make the transition to EDP as smooth as possible.  If you haven’t already done so, please familiarize yourself with the Parent Handbook as it contains our policies concerning our program.  If you have not received a handbook, please let us know and we will provide you one.

The following address should be used for any correspondence, including tuition checks.

Ashland Extended Day Program

Pittaway School

75 Central St.

Ashland, MA 01721

Our phone number is 508-532-8042.  You may also email at   

Transportation:  In order to provide the best possible afterschool experience, Kindergarten EDP students will be bussed to the Pittaway School at the end of their school day.  This will allow them to have a program specifically designed for them and will prevent them from being overwhelmed by the much larger group of first and second graders.  It also means they will not have to share classroom, gym, or cafeteria space.  The program and their experiences here will not be compromised.

Dismissal at the Warren School is at 3:15.  At that time, an EDP teacher will take attendance at the Warren School and will then place the students on the bus for Pittaway EDP.  Another teacher will greet the students when they arrive at Pittaway and we will immediately begin our day.  The children typically arrive to EDP at 3:30.  Please refer to our schedule to see what a typical day at EDP is like.

Attendance:  If your child is going to be absent, late, dismissed, or going home on the bus, PLEASE CALL/EMAIL AND LET US KNOW!  We would appreciate your cooperation in this matter as we become concerned for your child’s safety when not notified.  Your child’s classroom teacher at Warren also needs to be notified of any changes in your child’s schedule with a separate note/call.  Since students are coming to Pittaway at dismissal time, it is imperative we know of absences or dismissals.  

Pick Up: We are open until 6:00pm.  There is a $1.00/minute late charge for every minute after 6:00.  This money goes directly to the teacher who stayed late with your child.   If you do not think you will be able to pick your child by 6:00, please be sure to arrange for someone else to pick your child up.  EDP staffers work other jobs, have families and obligations too, so please be respectful of time. If someone other than a parent will be picking up your child, please let us know.  Your child will not be released to that person unless we have been notified or if that person is on the “Authorization to Release” form.  This person will also have to produce a form of identification when picking up.

Parent Bulletin Board:  We have a parent bulletin board outside our classroom (Rm 12).  On the Parent Bulletin Board you will find the daily sign-out sheet.  Please be sure to sign your child out when you pick him/her up from EDP by initialing the correct date’s box.  Underneath the bulletin board is your child’s take home folder.  Please check it daily as it may contain important notices concerning our program.


Homework:  While grades 1-6 run a homework session, this is not the case in the Kindergarten program.  We do not do homework with the children.

Tuition:  Tuition is due on or before the 25th of every month. There is a grace period of five school days, and after five school days a $5.00 late fee is charged. Please make checks payable to: Ashland Extended Day Program (A.E.D.P.). If you have another child attending the Warren or Mindess programs, a separate check must be filled out.

Birthdays: We will be celebrating birthdays on a monthly basis. A bulletin board in the classroom is set aside for our monthly birthdays. If your child has a birthday during the month and you would like to send in something special for a snack, please let us know prior to the celebration. Please note: Any birthday snacks must not contain nuts nor be processed on equipment that may contain traces of nuts.

Snack: EDP provides a daily snack and drink for your child.  All snacks and drinks meet the guidelines of the Wellness Policy for the Ashland Public Schools.

Dates To Remember

August 30 & 31 Open House

Room 12


**The classroom will be closed for lunch break from 12:00-12:30.

September 5   First day of school/EDP

What To Bring To Open House

  1. If your child is taking medication (Epi-Pen/inhaler) during EDP hours, a form was mailed to you. Fill it out and bring that, along with the medication, to Open House.

  2. September tuition

We look forward to an exciting year!

Kim Brissenden & Kristen Pratt, Katie Emberley

Head Teacher & Co-Teachers

Daily Schedule---Pittaway Extended Day

3:15                 Dismissal at Warren, attendance taken, students placed on bus for Pittaway

3:30                 Children arrive from Warren School, attendance taken

3:30-3:40 Get settled, story time, share time

3:40-4:00 Wash up, snack (provided)

4:00-4.30         Recess

4:35-5:00 Sessions (gym, project, cooking, music)

5:00-5:45 Free Choice (dramatic play, blocks, Legos, coloring, writing, games, etc.)

5:45-6:00 Clean up, pack up

This schedule is simply a guideline to ensure organization and structure. We follow it as much as possible. Some days may have longer/shorter time frames depending on the children’s needs, the weather, a special event, etc.

Kindergarten EDP FAQs

Where is Kindergarten EDP?

The afternoon Kindergarten Extended Day Program is held in Room 12 at the Pittaway School.

Why is Kindergarten EDP housed at the Pittaway?

In order to provide the kindergarten students the best possible program, we are housed at the Pittaway School. This allows the students to have a program that is specifically designed for them. In addition, after a long day of kindergarten, they are able to be in a much smaller group setting rather than needing to work around and share space with up to 65 first and second graders. At the Pittaway we have our own classroom and do not need to share the gym, the cafeteria, or the playground with anyone else in the afternoon.

What will my child do while at EDP?

The Extended Day Program offers unique after-school enrichment activities. Arts and crafts, non-competitive games, sports, storytelling, science experiments, thematic units, cooking, a variety show, and field trips are interwoven to provide the students with a wide variety of enjoyable, stimulating experiences in a warm and caring environment. Time is reserved for children wishing to read and play quietly. Our classroom is designed with activity areas, which include dramatic play, arts & crafts, easel/chalkboard, manipulatives, a block area, game centers, and library area.  The teachers are responsible for creating our curriculum based on student interest and individual needs.

How many teachers are at EDP?  What are their qualifications?

We maintain a ratio of 8:1.  The Head Teacher has a BS in Elementary Education and an M. Ed. in Special Education.  One co-teacher has a BS in English and is an Applied Behavior Analyst.  Our other co-teacher is a college student majoring in Education.

How many children are in the program?

There is a maximum of 24 students who attend daily.  Some days have less than 24, and on special occasion days, all of the children are invited to attend.

Is EDP open during snow days/holidays/school vacation weeks?

No, we follow the school calendar.  When school is not in session, EDP is not in session.

How do Early Release days work?

Students are dismissed from the Warren School at 1:00.  As usual, they take the bus and arrive at the Pittaway shortly after.  EDP is open until 6:00 on Early Release days (except for the one before Thanksgiving).

Do I need to call if my child is out sick?

Yes, please!  Just as you would need to call the Warren School to report an absence, you also need to call EDP.  Warren does not relay the message that your child did not come to school that day.  

Do I still need to pay tuition if my child misses a day?

Yes.  Your monthly tuition does not change if your child does not attend (vacation, sick days, taking bus home, etc.).

What happens if I decide to drop a day?

Your entire security deposit will be forfeited, and a new tuition will be calculated based on the new schedule. Normally, the security deposit is applied to June’s tuition, but you would need to pay for June.

I need to add a day to my child’s schedule.  How do I do that?

Contact the director, Melissa Mercon Smith, at  If our roster is full, you will be placed on the waiting list.  You will be contacted if a spot opens up.

Do you go on field trips?  What special activities do the children participate in?

Yes, we go on field trips.  The district schedules approximately 10 Early Release days for the school year.  During those days, we plan in-house field trips, where the performer visits us at the school.  We also travel to places, where chaperones are invited to join.  In addition to special activities on a smaller scale (Pajama Day, Show & Tell, Crazy Hat Day), we have a huge variety show in March.  In May, we have an end of the year Fiesta where families come to play games in the gym and have dinner together in the cafeteria.  

How can I find out more information about EDP?

Our program has a website on the Ashland Public Schools homepage where you can see a video with program highlights, read the Parent Handbook, staff bios, current newsletters, see photos of past activities, etc.  Go to and click on the Extended Day Program link.