Welcome AHS Class of 2018!                            
Class Advisor:   Ms. Janet Twomey
See Ms. Twomey for the list of eight class officers who represent you.
Be sure to regularly check this website, including the attached calendar, so you can stay fully informed of all the awesome senior year activities.

Class Announcements

Advisor change message
Class of 2018 members - I'm sad to say that I have decided not to take on senior year advising for your class for the 2017-18 school year. It was a really hard decision for me, but given our family changes it is not the right time to take on such a big, important project and I would not want to short change you all with limited time. You will have lots of great, important events going on from Convocation day through Graduation and you deserve an advisor who can commit great time and energy to you throughout the year! It has been a wonderful experience to be your advisor for your first three years and work with absolutely fabulous class officers. Kudos and congrats to them for great work so far!

I'm thrilled to say that Ms. Twomey will be taking over for your senior year. She just finished as the Class Advisor of the Class of 2017 and is ready and excited to lead you all in senior year activities! 

Come visit and say hi of course still next year! 

Thanks, Ms. Graham

Congrats on a great prom!
We had a successful Grand March at AHS and prom on May 12th at Lombardo's! Great job to the class officers for all their work! See the Grynn & Barrett Photography website here for the Grand March and prom pictures. You can order prints of any of these on this site: 

Senior Class T-Shirts for next year
We are taking orders for senior class T-shirts for next year. If you want a long-sleeve shirt, you need to pre-order a size and pay the $10 for the shirt BEFORE the summer. We are only going to get as many as are pre-ordered. If you want a short-sleeve shirt, please sign up for the size you'd like, but you don't need to pay until next year. Sign-ups for short-sleeve shirts and pre-ordering of long-sleeve will be done at the election tables on 6/10. If you did not sign up there, see the lists will be posted outside Ms. Graham's room. 

Chocolate Bar Fundraiser
The class will be selling $1 Hebert chocolate bars for several weeks in November.   Starting November 6th seniors can pick up bags of 15 bars in Ms. Twomey's room, after school or during break, and sell them to any students in the school, teachers, family members, or anyone outside school as well. We'll get 50% of all profits to reduce the student cost of senior week

Our Website
I hope you find this class website an important resource in helping you keep track of important dates, meetings, school functions, fundraisers, etc.  

Your class website contains a class calendar, an area for up-to-date announcements, helpful links, and, as the school year progresses, some fun activities and photos as well.  If there is information not on this site that you think you and your Class of 2018 peers would find helpful, please contact your class adviser and let them know what additional content you think should be included here.  We welcome your suggestions!