Roles & Responsibilities

The following outlines the roles and responsibilities in the student, parent and counselor collaboration. By honoring these guidelines, we will achieve our mutual goal of seeing AHS students reach their potential as responsible adults and successful learners. Please know that although a high percent of AHS graduates go on to college or other post-secondary education pursuits, our counselors have a wealth of information for those who are interested in joining the workforce or military after high school.

Together we can provide a rewarding high school experience and a smooth transition from Ashland High School to college or career. We welcome the opportunity to discuss this journey with you, feel free to contact us at 508-881-1076. Thank you.

  • Communicate desires/wishes honestly with parents and counselors

  • Speak to us if there are personal issues you need help with

  • Be realistic about expectations

  • Respect advice of counselors

  • Be actively engaged in the admissions process

  • Create a file and keep all college admission/career materials organized

  • Know your application deadlines, application fees and individual college's required supplements

  • Keep a calendar for admissions processes

  • Focus on the right colleges/careers, those which will meet your needs

  • Punctually attend all group and individual guidance meetings

  • Sign up online or submit paper applications by all test deadlines

  • Meet deadlines by submitting materials to your counselor two weeks before due dates; understand your counselor will be supporting many student requests

  • Follow up on communications and requests from colleges in a timely manner

  • Refrain from submitting multiple deposits

  • Continue to focus on high school studies after acceptance, as counselors are obliged to report to colleges any significant changes in a candidate's academic status or qualifications between the time of recommendation and graduation

  • Subscribe to the AHS Morning Announcements to stay abreast of guidance announcements in the Parent’s Corner

  • Attend guidance parent meetings

  • Read all correspondence from guidance including the monthly newsletter

  • Proactively communicate with students/counselors

  • Be realistic about expectations

  • Allow the student's college list to be their list vs. yours

  • Respect counselors' advice and interact with them as professionals

  • Please work with us not against us, and know that we want what is best for the student

  • Hold students accountable for carrying out their responsibilities

  • Support student's desires/needs; enable the student to be accountable and take ownership of the college application process

  • Monitor the process (due dates, etc.)

  • Make college campus visits a top priority

  • Celebrate student successes; don't dwell on failures

  • Be supportive of student's feelings of stress during the process

Guidance Counselors
  • Be knowledgeable about the college admissions process

  • Educate students/parents about the admission process

  • Listen to students and parents

  • Treat each student as an individual

  • Advocate for the student

  • Be accessible; communicate frankly, honestly and promptly

  • Facilitate the application process including providing colleges with a transcript, school profile, and official school recommendation for each candidate

  • Keep the student's best interest in mind

  • Maintain confidentiality

  • Inform students/parents of the Financial Aid/Scholarship process

  • Report to colleges any significant changes in a candidate's academic status or qualifications between the time of recommendation and graduation

  • Provide future assistance after graduation

  • Counsel student and parents on social and/or personal issues

  • Make referrals to outside support sources as as needed