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    With Google Calendar, you can schedule meetings and events with your coworkers, just as in your old calendar application. Here's a selection of resources for learning about your new calendar.
    Getting Started
    Browse an interactive overview
    Click through this interactive Flash presentation to learn about Google Calendar from each part of its interface.

    Requires Adobe Flash Player.

    Scheduling and other calendar basics Schedule events, send invitations, add attachments, and print your calendar.
    Set up reminders, sharing, and more Set up event reminders, invitation replies, calendar sharing, and additional calendars.
    Quick Video Clips
    View Calendar video clips (1:00 - 5:00) Short clips on creating and editing events, inviting guests, and sharing your calendar.
    Making the Switch

    Switching from Outlook: Gmail and Calendar

    A comprehensive introduction to switching from Outlook to Google Apps. Covers threaded email conversations, contacts, labels, filters, working with calendar events, syncing events from Outlook, and more.

    What's not available in Google Calendar Most features you're used to in your old calendar are available in Google Calendar, but here are a few that aren't.
    Options for mobile users Yes, you can access Google Calendar on your mobile phone! Follow the link to find out how.


    For even more information about using Google Calendar, check out the Calendar Help Center.

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