Crew List

Over the years, this list has been assembled by individuals remembering people and adding them to the list.  We try and get everyone to sign up on the Crew Email List so we have contact information to inform them about events and reunions.

The crew list is a list of everyone we know of who has an association with the USS Batfish SSN-681 or Batfish SS-310.  If they are not on this list, it simply means we are not aware of them.   (Temporarily Unavailable)

Once a person joins the Email / Crew List, the information in that database will be moved over to this list within a few days.   (It is a manual process so it just takes a little time to get things moved over.)  If you do not see any other information other than the person's name, they just haven't signed up on the crew list.  You can sign up in the Email / Crew by clicking on the link to the left "Join the Crew List".

Email address and phone numbers will only be listed for those individuals who choose to do so.  If there is someone on the list you would like to contact and they have not listed their contact information, you can fill out contact a crew member form to the left, and provide your information and I will forward it to them, it is then up to that person to contact you.   If you were a member of the crew, you might  want to sign up on the Facebook page and you may be able to contact them this way.   The goal is to keep people in contact with each other, but also protect everyone's information.

Help us keep the crew list cleaned up.  If you have a correction to make on the crew list to help us keep it more accurate, click on the link to the left "Cleanup the list" and provide the information you have.

Click  on the Crew Map to get a rough idea of where people are located.  We don't want to list names and addresses, but generally this is a close approximation of where members are located around the world.  The purpose for  this is for reunion planning.  To be able  to have a view of members for planning a city for a reunion

This is a list of people we know of who are on eternal patrol.  If you have more information.  Click on the Cleanup the List link and provide your information.

This is a list of people on the Batfish who attended small arms training.  It is just another list where you might see people you remember.