Batfish Store

 items become available which are Batfish related, I will put them in the store for purchase.  If  you have items for the store and have a paypal account, I can discuss with you adding those to the store as well.
NOTE!!!!!  Please Read this.

Pins are $5 each.  However if you buy 1 pin or 5 pins, shipping cost is $2.32 (It will cost to  ship more than 5 pins, but most people won't so it is not an issue.)

If you have questions, just send me an email before you order.

If you want more than 5 pins, contact me for shipping price.


If you are interested in a mug, these are made by Becky Holloway, wife of Bill Holloway who was a Plankowner on Batfish.
If you want a mug, send an email to Becky at 

You can have her send you the mugs via mail.  

You will be able to send her a check once you decide what you want.  These hand made mugs are about $30 each and are one of a kind. She will need the following information:
  • Quantity
  • Color preference -light blue, dark blue, light green, yellow, red, or a mixed blend of Becky's choosing
  • Right or left handed - determines which side the ships patch is on relative to the handle She