Reunion planning takes some time.  It also takes a good understanding of who is interested in 
attending a reunion.   Before we can find out this information, we need to be able to contact folks on 
a regular basis to discuss lodging, activities and meals.

The list is beginning to grow, but I need your help.  

There are a number of  people on Facebook, Navy Buddies and Hull Number and other similar sites.  Unfortunately it is challenging to get emails to those folks.  You can't do a mass email, but you pretty well have to click on each individuals name or email address.

If anyone has contacts to the current USS Ohio Crew, we would like to get the word to those guys as well.

If you draft a short message similar to this one which includes the following, you can just click on their email and paste the information.  This would help tremendously to spread the word.  Please encourage them to spread the word as well

 Dear Shipmate,

    We are trying to contact previous and current crew members of the USS Ohio SSBN/SSGN-726 to make plans for our  first boat reunion.  We would like you to sign up on the email / crew list. 
We hope you will sign up!  Lets have a large turnout for the reunion.  Also, please pass the word to those you know.  

I would encourage the spouses or significant others to sign up on the list as well.  Historically, I have found the spouses to be more attentive to the details when making plans, also we would like to have activities for them during the reunion so they don't have to sit around and listen to a bunch of sea stories all the time.

Thanks for your help!