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Welcome to the USS Ohio SSBN/SSGN - 726 Crew Website

Late 1976 the crew of the USS Ohio began to come together.  Since the boat is still in operation, 
shipmates are still being assigned to the largest submarine ever built by the US Navy.  

The camaraderie shared by submariners is very strong because of the amount of time we spend together.
Much of this time is spent in close quarters while on watch, playing cards, training and drills.

It is my hope by using this website, Facebook and other social media, many of the friendships which were formed will continue for many years to come.

This is your website. It is intended to be used by previous crew members, current crew members and the families and relatives of those who have served over the years. If you have pictures or information, others would like to see, please send those to me, so they can be included on this site.  

I have included a comment form, to contact me to provide information.  Once you contact me, we can use email to discuss and transfer the information between us which needs to be posted.  If anyone has any questions, concerns or ideas to improve this site, I welcome those.  Please feel free to pass them on to me.

There is no cost to the hosting of this site, but this always comes with trade-offs.  You can reach the site by going to  However once you get to this site, the URL will convert to my personal url  I host a number of sites at this location, but it is always best to reach it by using or

Thank you for your service!