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We are off to a great start this year!  Make sure you request to join our class Facebook page!  Updates and announcements will be found there throughout the school year.

Using the above link you can take practice SBAC tests.  You will not receive results on your answers, but it is a great place to become familiar with how the test is going to look and get comfortable with the tools available in tis online test.

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A note on report cards:

Our report card is now based on these same grade level content standards.  This will explain what each score means.

What Do 1, 2, 3, and 4 Really Mean?

Earning a 4” means the student has an advanced understanding and can extend their learning beyond the grade level expectations. A student who earns a score of “1” shows initiative, challenges himself, and demonstrates this advanced knowledge at school. A “4” is difficult to achieve and indicates extended learning in an academic area and the consistent ability to move beyond grade level expectations.

Earning a “3” means the student understands concepts and meets grade-level expectations. We want all of our students to reach a level “3”. A student receiving a “3” is right on track with our high academic expectations. A “3” is something to be celebrated!

Earning a “2” means the student has basic understanding and partially meets grade-level expectations. A student receiving a “2” understands the basic concepts or skills, but may need more teacher assistance to show mastery. A “2” should indicate to parents that their child is approaching district expectations with extra support.

Earning a “1” means the student demonstrates limited progress and is below grade-level expectations. A student receiving a “1” has not shown progress that is approaching the grade-level standard.

“N/A” indicates this standard is not applicable. The standard may not have been introduced or assessed during this trimester of learning.

Please remember, this standards-based report card is just one tool for sharing your child’s progress with you.  It shares what your third-grader is required to learn, what he or she knows and what he or she can do. Standards are supported by classroom instruction.

If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas to share, please e-mail, write a note, or call me.

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