Welcome to Second Grade!

Our Schedule

We follow a 4 day rotation.   Below is a general schedule.  

 8:10- 8:30 Homeroom
We begin the day with a light review of skills as students arrive and get settled for the day.  Students work on handwriting, math facts, and other skills.

8:30- 9:00  Morning Circle
After watching the Ashford Morning News students greet each other, play community building games, and prepare for the day.

9:00- 9:27

9:27-10:09 (Science on Day 4)

10:10-10:30 Snack/Read Aloud


11:20-11:45 Lunch

11:50-12:15 Recess

12:15- 12:55

1:00- 1:38 Specials

Day 1- PE
Day 2- Art
Day 3- PE
Day 4- Music


2:45- 3:00 Daily Wrap Up
We finish up loose ends from the day, organize homework, straighten up the room and pack to go home.  Some days we have a second circle time.

Field Trips for this year are TBD.