Maestra Aubrey is the Primary Spanish teacher at Ashford School. Maestra teaches Spanish to students in Pre K through grade 4. Maestra also co-teachers Social Literacy in 5th grade, and supports the 6th grade Social Literacy Program. 


All of the primary Spanish instruction is based on the ACTFL World Readiness Standards for Learning Languages. Studying a language is important for communication purposes. As the Hispanic population grows in the U.S., our students are increasingly likely to encounter Spanish-speakers in the community and in their future jobs. Studying Spanish can also empower students to travel for pleasure or their careers  Communication, however, is not the only benefit of language learning. It provides student with another way to learn Social Studies, Math and Science content; a deeper understanding of English; and empathy with diverse cultures and the experiences. 

Primary Spanish classes are conducted entirely in Spanish. Students are encouraged to learn by following clues and gestures, as well as through acting, games, and imagery. Spanish instruction supports Ashford School's Habits of Mind in many ways, including encouraging students to persevere through challenging tasks, diversify how they communicate with others, being creative in how they show their learning, and developing cultural competency. 

  • PreK/K Spanish: Students in PreK and Kindergarten each have Spanish for 20 minutes once every 4 days. In PreK Spanish instruction is primarily focused on helping students tune their ear into Spanish by singing Spanish translations of songs and games that they known in English. In Kindergarten, students continue to engage in familiar songs in Spanish, as well as numbers and the calendar, and connections to their regular education content and the cultures of Spanish-speaking countries.
  • 1st Grade Spanish: Students in 1st grade have Spanish class twice every four days for 20 minutes. This instruction is focused on helping students to developing inferencing skills and making connections to prior knowledge, like numbers and the days of the week. Students will also be studying the culture of Puerto Rico, and making comparisons between our culture and the culture of Puerto Rico. 
  • 2nd and 3rd Grade Spanish: Students in 2nd and 3rd grade have Spanish once every four days for 40 minutes. Students learn through some direct instruction and then practice and application in Centers. Mexico provides a context for student learning about colors, animals, geography, and culture. Wherever possible, we also make connections to content they are studying in their core classes. So, for example, a theme in 3rd grade is natural disasters, so we study natural disasters in Mexico.
  • 4th Grade Spanish: In 4th grade students have Spanish once every four days for 40 minutes. Students learn through some direct instruction, and then choose their own centers for practice and application. All of the Spanish-speaking countries in the Americas become our context for learning in 4th grade. We learn about the geography, foods, housing, and other aspects of the cultures, while also making comparisons back to our own.

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